Spicing Up Your Sexual Encounter with Escorts: Incorporating Sex Toys for Excitement

Trying new stuff can give you a different level of experience being together with escorts. Mixing sex toys up with your experience will not only increase intensity but make your experience more personal. Implement this approach in your erotic experiences with Christchurch escorts to make them stimulating and memorable.

Communication Is Key

Before getting sex toys, talk to your escort in order to understand and to determine them. Consider your interests and boundaries. Talk about the toys and why you are comfortable with them, any favorite toys, and special preferences. The verbal accord of both parties and transparent dialog are critical ingredients for a good and mindful joint.

Choose the Right Toys

1. Vibrators

Comfortable to wear and suit clitoral stimulation for outer stimulation as well as internal pleasure.

2. Dildos

Reality or fantasy-style dildos can make penetration change its type.

3. Couples' Toys

Alternative devices such as remote-controlled vibrators or belts tease and keep the partner excited and stimulated.

4. Bondage Gear

Try soft bondage with cuffs, blindfolds, or handcuffs for more sexy enhancement.

Set the Mood

Promote the mood and ambiance of the moment to stress the experience more. Switch off all the lights, put on music softly, and use the candles or essential oils to create the atmosphere. The best way to drive up the excitement level is by teasing before handing out privileges.

Incorporate Toys Gradually

Provide a gentle transition into sex toys during the given instance. Get started with some teasing lightly or play with toys as long play begins. Expose yourself to various sensations and methodologies, in the process of which you need to know what is pleasurable for both of you.

Experiment with Different Positions

Consider accessing various angles that allow exploring the gadget to discover new sensations. For example, blend in using a vibrator in oral sex or add a dildo to penetrative positions. Experimentation introduces some novelty and, in a way, maintains the dynamic.

Embrace Role-Playing

Expand fantasy revelry and role-play episodes using proper game props as a prop. Well, it is an idea to have bondage gear for dominant-submissive dynamics or to use toys to demonstrate specific fantasies. Role-playing is a very good tool for engagement, it makes dialogue more fun and takes the discussions to a new level.

Prioritize Safety and Hygiene

Keep the cleanliness of the sex toys and use the same disinfectant before and after the toy is shared with your escort. Make use of notebooks or lubes when using toys that are able to be inserted as hygiene would be a major concern. Safety and hygiene take top priority since infections or complications are likely to arise if care is not given to these.


Starting to use the sex toys along with the escorts in your sessions will change the experience into an adventure of the night. This is, indeed, the most it can offer, and still leaves you asking for more every time. Sex toys work as a spark in everyone's sex life including them can be a good idea.